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10 Terrific Techy Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to find a great gift for your mom, grandma, or wife. Since gifting new technology can be tricky — the last thing anyone wants to do is spend all day figuring out how to use something that’s supposed to make your life easier — we’ve gathered 10 pieces of tech that will be sure to impress and delight mom. Since the median age of mothers in America is about 28 years old, we’ve tried to include gifts that might appeal to a wide range of mother figures. 

After giving my own mother a self-monitoring indoor hydroponic garden last year, (see more about the Lettuce Grow below), I wanted to surprise her this year with a mix of new and old tech. From early on, I can recall my mom sewing and crocheting, something she hasn’t done in decades, so I’m gifting her a starter pack of The Woobles, an all-in-one crochet set for starters. If that sounds like a terrible gift, fear not and just read on. From AI-enabled bird feeders to easy-to-use exercise equipment, here’s Paste’s 2024 tech guide to Mother’s Day gifts. 

Birder Mom

Even though my mom doesn’t go on trips to seek out new bird species or document rare birds flying through the yard, I would still describe her as a birder. Filling various feeders around the yard is one of the big motivators for her and she loves showing the grandkids the many hummingbirds that pop by in the summer.

Using AI, the Birdfy feeder and its connected app let users know when birds pop in to feed and what kind of bird is stopping by. When bird motion is detected, the camera sends instant notifications via the Birdfy app while automatically recording the visit. Users can switch to a live mode at any time as well. According to Birdfy, the program can identify over 6,000 bird species.

In addition to feeders, the company has incorporated its tech into birdhouses, bird poles, and hummingbird feeders. 

Getting-Back-In-Shape Mom

It’s difficult to get back into shape at any point after 35, so it’s helpful if you can make it fun and easy to begin a new routine. After a hip surgery and lengthy recovery, we wanted to get my mother back into a new exercise regime. It’s been a few months since she first borrowed our LifeSpan Ampera upright bike to use at home for a few months, but now she’s ready to tackle the outdoors.

Velotric, based in California has been churning out e-bikes for a few years now and recently launched their newest model, the Discover 2, which is UL-certified, IPX6-grade waterproof and comes with a torque sensor, meaning when you push the pedal, the bike works to magnify your speed. For those new to e-bikes, it’s a great feature that allows for an easy and adjustable ride. The Discovery 2 has a max range of 75 miles, a top speed of 28 mph and features a 750W, high power motor that can deliver 75 Nm of torque. These bikes provide a sleek and fun way to stay moving, especially if you need a bit of help.

Gardening Mom

The chainsaw itself is not a new invention. But having been invented in the 18th century as a way to cut out diseased bone from patients, it’s certainly evolved. Today, the mini-chainsaw has emerged as a popular tool for trimming shrubbery and small trees. Just make sure you buy cut-resistant gloves for Grandma. The WorkPro Gardening Season line includes options like a cordless grass shear, stainless steel gardening tools, a cordless leaf blower or even an ultra-light mini-chainsaw for mom.

If a lack of space has held mom back from gardening overall, the Lettuce Grow Nook is a great alternative. I gave the self-watering and self-fertilizing, at-home hydroponic garden as a gift for Mother’s Day last year and it’s helped my mom maintain a lush indoor farm stand’s worth of veggies and greens during the winter months. Designed for efficiency, Lettuce Grow farm stands use up to 98% less water than traditional gardening plots and also come in a full size option which can be used outdoors as well. 

Can’t Sleep Mom

Cannabis extraction and infusion tech has paved the way for a whole host of edibles from THC-infused peanut butter to snickerdoodles that will put a smile on your face or help you stay asleep at night. I’ve been using cannabis to help me sleep for years, but I recently recommended it to my mother-in-law after hearing about her continued back problems. Due to an injury, she’s had serious issues with her spine for years, which has led to her only getting a few hours of sleep a night.

Thankfully, she lives in one of the 24 states that currently allow for medical and/or recreational sales of cannabis. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, so results may vary, but she’s found several products that work for her including Betty’s Eddies, Camino Gummies, PAX Live Rosin Gummies and Bubby’s Baked

This year, I’m pairing a few edibles with the Manta Sleep Mask. Retailing for around $70, the ultra-comfy sleep mask is made for side sleepers and features a “smart air bubble” that expands to keep light out when switching positions, and compresses flat when you lie on your side.

Always-Cold Mom

Summer is around the corner which means gathering outside around the fire pit, on the deck or watching the sunset at the beach. But as soon as that sun drops, it gets cold quickly. Designed as an ultra-warm blanket with pockets, the Mozy is specifically made to wrap around your legs when the temperature drops. Machine washable, lightweight and customizable, it makes a great addition for tailgating, camping, walking the dog, or relaxing on the porch this summer. 

Summer Party Mom

If your wife or mom turns into a part-time party host after Labor Day, she might appreciate some help with outdoor decorations. Nanoleaf’s newest creation, their multi-colored Outdoor String Lights recently opened up orders after attracting some attention at CES. The light sets come in lengths of 50 to 150 feet and start around $129. It’s the first real move to outdoor products for a company that built up its customer base for in-home LED lighting sets. These unique LED bulbs can be programmed with a single color, or multiple colors at once for dynamic flowing gradients and are IP65 water resistant.

Allergies Mom

My parents have kept a cat for as long as I can remember, but it’s took more than 30 years to finally do something to help the visitors she has with cat allergies. In 2023, we bought a Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier to help filter the air in their home, with coverage of about 1,070 feet, it’s perfect for the living area, kitchen and family room where they spend the most time. The Rabbit A3 uses a proprietary six-stage filtration system, which includes BioGS HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, which particularly reduces VOCs and odors.

The A3 can be controlled via app or voice command using Alexa and Google Assistant, but it’s also easy to flip on with a switch. Setting up my parents A3 took less than two minutes. If mom might be more comfortable with something a bit smaller, Levoit’s Core Mini packs a filtration punch, refreshing the air every two hours within a 180 sq ft space. It’s also only $50. 

Music Mom

Turntables have come a long way in the last decade. While big names like Audio Technica and Technics still offer semi-professional options, other smaller companies like House of Marley and U-Turn Audio have entered the market with easy-to-use record players that look and sound great while remaining relatively more affordable. The Stir It Up Wireless Turntable is House of Marley’s flagship and made with solid bamboo and environmentally conscious materials, including Regrind silicone, Rewind fabric, recycled plastic, and recyclable aluminum. Easily paired with any Bluetooth speaker, the Stir It Up turntable features a replaceable cartridge, USB to PC recording, an auto start/stop belt drive and a built-in preamp.

Equally awesome, the Raycon Everyday Pro Headphones ($149) cost less than a third of Apple AirPod Max, feature 60 hours of battery life and are incredibly comfortable. Let mom plug in and tune out with some The Tortured Poets Department. She’s earned it. 

Photographer Mom

Does your wife have grand plans of turning all of her best photos into a physical album someday? With Canon’s Ivy 2 Mini Photo Printer, she can print on the go via smartphone. The Ivy 2 easily connects to mobile devices via an app and uses Zero Ink technology to instantly print any photo downloaded from your phone. Upgraded with better connectivity and faster charging speed, this little printer is also now small enough to fit in mom’s pocket.

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