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Over 15 Cannabis Tech Innovations To Spice Up Your 4/20 Festivities

It’s been six years since the Farm Bill of 2018 opened up the doors to a new wave of American cannabis businesses, researchers, scientists and innovators. In that time, the landscape of cannabis and hemp products hitting the market through dispensaries and recreational outlets has continued to evolve, from traditional flower to custom strains, new edibles and high-strength concentrates. During that time, technology has transformed every facet of cannabis use, from growing plants and harvesting, to processing, smoking and ingesting popular cannabinoids like THC, CBN, CBD, CBG, and CBC.

For instance, in March, New York company Beuhi announced it would be teaming up with Plesio Health/Acute on Chronic to produce a candy-making, smart infuser so cannabis users can tailor their creations to their unique preferences and needs. While there still remains a federal ban on cannabis use, 24 states in the U.S. have eased rules to allow medical marijuana, with some like Massachusetts, California, Colorado and most recently North Carolina, adding recreational sales.

To celebrate the upcoming stoner holiday, we’re throwing together a guide of the latest and greatest cannabis-adjacent tech currently available. Whether you are new to the world of marijuana, hunting for a small gift, or just looking for an upgrade for your personal gear, here’s Paste’s guide to new 4/20 tech. 

CannaKan Can 

Like many great inventors, Cannakan creator Don Felizberto told Paste he wasn’t looking to invent anything specific, just find a solution for challenges and inconsistencies he kept running into while growing cannabis. Starting the business at his home in Westport, Mass. in 2022, Felizberto invented Cannakan germination and growth trays as an easy, consistent, and organized way to germinate multiple varieties of seeds.

“No more jars, bags with wet paper towels or scratching to grow, wondering if your seed is going to pop,” he told Paste. “Most quality seeds are planted between 24-48 hours with high germination rates using Cannakan, which obviously works with any seed. What could take an hour or more now takes only a few minutes.”

Felizberto also created a set of seed tweezers called Huggers. They’re made with cupped ends so they can easily handle seeds without the risk of contamination and/or damage and have a dibber on the opposing end so users can prepare the soil at the same time. 

Eat Your Greens

I never thought there would be so many cannabis-infused snack options, but 2024 is truly the golden age of edibles. In states that allow recreational sales, manufacturers big and small have leaned into craft edibles, from seltzers to cookies, brownies and back. It’s important to note that you should always choose products that have gone through reputable testing for potency and contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals. There’s also a big differentiation between products that use Delta 8 THC (a synthetic cannabinoid the FDA has warned against) and Delta 9 THC (which can be produced through natural extraction or by synthesization).

Products vary state to state, but over the past year, we’ve been impressed with a number of different cannabis creations including Pink Elephant peanut butter, Bubby’s Baked snacks like the full spectrum Snickerdoodle bites and blueberry mini-muffins, and Betty’s Eddies, a vegan, gluten-free and dairy free chew similar to taffy. Based in Springfield, Mass., Insa tapped experienced baker and pastry chef Julian Rose to create its chocolate bars with European chocolate. And don’t get us started on Cloud Creamery, which serves up ice creams, sorbets and now cookie doughs, infused with THC. 

Enjoy a Cup of Cannabis

Using concentrates like shatter, bubble hash or live resin can be intimidating if you’re not used to wielding a butane lighter, a full glass rig or a handful of tools to assist in the process. Handling both cartridges and concentrates, the O.pen Sesh fills up a glass with cannabis vapor with the click of a button, allowing users to “drink” and easily share their session.

Looking for something a bit more sleek and “undercover?” PuffCo offers a wide variety of concentrate vaporizers from the new-old style of the Proxy pipe to the futuristic shine of the Peak Pro. They even have a “Stealth Bundle,” which features their dab pen and a Cupsy, their premium water pipe disguised as an unassuming coffee cup!

Grow Your Own

AI-infused tools, greenhouses and planters are on the rise across the gardening and farming sphere. In 2023, Paste highlighted Boston-based Boundless Robotics, which started shipping its AI-powered planter named the Annaboto. Boundless Robotics founder Carl Palme told Paste the company worked on the idea of an aesthetically pleasing planter for several years before receiving investor funding in 2022. In 2023, the company began shipping the first wave of units and is expected to move 5,000-10,000 units during the year. 

Over the past few years, there have been several companies offering all-in-one grow boxes as well. Companies like HeyAbby and The Armoire have more discreet options ranging from $400 all the way up to $1,900 depending on what kind of look you’re going for. 

Smoke Slightly Safer

Smoke isn’t good for you in general, but if you’re a traditionalist who doesn’t want to give up smoking your cannabis then Weedgets might have a few interesting options. The company was founded by Michael Barenboym, a world-renowned medical device engineer and designer. After designing artificial heart systems, spine reconstructive surgical equipment and automated resuscitation machines in the medical field, Barenboym pivoted and founded Weedgets. In addition to creating the smell-proof joint holder called the Doob Tube, Barenboym has since expanded the line to include carbon filters and several different kinds of water-less smoking pipes like the Maze X, made with borosilicate glass, aluminum and removal mouth tips. 

Protect Your Stash

In business for a decade, Cannador (cannabis + humidor!) creates sustainable, functional and incredibly stylish humidors for marijuana enjoyers all around the world. The company uses a proprietary creation, VaporBeads, to easily maintain the appropriate humidity in the wooden storage boxes. The company also recently teamed up with New Orleans-based woodworking artist Chelsea Van Voorhis to create a limited-edition product collection and plant a tree for every unit sold. 

High Art

The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah stands as an artistic statement piece as much as it serves as a means to smoking weed. Reviews are mixed on this one but it does the job and looks absolutely amazing. Debates are ongoing if the hefty price tag is worth the splurge, but if you’re seeking a show-stopping piece that’s also functional, the Stündenglass could be what you’ve been searching for. This gravity bong is destined to be a party favorite, offering communal smoking experience without direct mouth contact.

A Better Vaporizer

There are dozens of vaporizer brands these days, and many, like PAX, have expanded to offer full-spectrum edibles in addition to product lines of hardware that uses flower, concentrates or cartridges. In our experience, the PAX Plus or PAX Mini still stand out as sleek, highly functional, and easy-to-clean options for those looking for a reliable vaporizer to last more than a year or two. The PAX Plus comes with a separate chamber designed for concentrates, for smokers also looking to switch between the two.

For fans of shatter, resin butter and bubble hash, G-Pen has a full line of dab-accessories including the extremely portable Micro+, which comes in a few styles designed by Bay Area rapper Berner. Finally, if cartridges of live resin happen to be your style, there’s no reason not to upgrade your everyday pen to something a bit more flashy. The Vista Edge, made by Vessel, looks sleek, charges quickly and pairs with an easy-to-use magnetic base. It comes in several understated colors, fits most 510 thread cartridges and runs on a high-quality 320mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core. 

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